By way of introduction, I am Bernard’s fourth wife and we had a wonderful relationship from 1980 until his death in 2013.

Portrait of Arlene Clendenin

Clendenin Fine Art Concepts originated in 2006 with the initial opening of our website . Our purpose has always been to bring the beautiful fine art work of Bernard S. Clendenin to the forefront and share it with the world. While we have achieved some success with our website, the ever-changing world of technology and social media demands we expand and grow our audience.

Currently we have established Clendenin Fine Art Concepts Facebook, a Twitter Account, a Pinterest Account and this WordPress Blog account. You can look forward to reading articles of interest in the field of Fine Art, Paintings, Drawings, Music and Literature, including children’s books.

The Adventures of The Yellow Beak Bird

My plan is to write about things in the world of art, special events you may be interested in at museums and of course music. Because Bernard was so versatile and active in the entertainment industry and community affairs, I may write stories based on the events of his life that he shared with me during our 30+ years together.

I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. He was kind and gentle, sensitive and intuitive. All of those qualities and much more come through in his paintings. As you view his work you decide for yourself as to how the work comes through to you. For me it’s as if he captures the soul of the person he is painting.

Some people have viewed his oil paintings and indicated, they are reminiscent of the works of Francisco Goya. Others having viewed Bernard’s ballet paintings can’t help but draw similarities to the works of Degas. When I spoke with Bernard about these comments, he told me, “while he concentrated on studying the works of the old masters when he was a student at The Art Students League of New York, his work came from within him, from his brain and his heart to his hand and then to his brush”.

While at The Art Students League of New York, Bernard studied with the finest artists of the time; William McNulty, Jon Corbino, Robert Beverly Hale, Julian Levi and Frank Reilly to name just a few. Jackson Pollock was a student at the Art Students League of New York during the same time Bernard attended. At one point in his studies, Norman Rockwell invited Bernard to spend a summer working with him. Read More . . .

Back in the 1980’s Bernard took me to The Los Angeles County Museum of Arts (L.A.C.M.A.) for an event showing the works of Andrew Wyeth. The event was spectacular and to this day the image of the woman in braids remains locked in my memory; “Braids, 1979”. Bernard was impressed with Andrew Wyeth’s work as well, though he felt Andrew’s father N.C. Wyeth was more talented.

Much like Andrew Wyeth and other Fine Art Masters, Bernard concentrated quite a bit of his art work on the female figure. I am fortunate to have several of his as yet unpublished drawings and pastels of the female body. Bernard became concerned, in some cases where his models were so shy and introverted regarding their body that they were unable to see their own beauty and appreciate themselves. I believe this is what inspired him to write and illustrate our first book; Being Female, the Art of Female Masturbation.

Being Female (book)

He completed this project during the mid-80’s although we didn’t actually publish it until 2010 at which time we chose to self publish through a vanity press. In 2011 our book was awarded the Irwin Award for the “Best Educational Campaign”. The award was presented by Irwin Zucker, Founder of the Book Publicists of Southern California, Founded in 1976. The campaign consisted of presentations at the Los Angeles Book Fair, the New York Book Fair, radio interviews centered on the topic of “Is Masturbation Cheating?” In one review written for the ForeWord Clarion Review, the reviewer states; “Being Female is a gentle primer on the multifaceted world of female masturbation.”

Learn more about the talented Bernard S. Clendenin in our next issue. If you have questions or would like us to discuss a specific item, just let us know and we will respond.

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